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REDZONE Festival_I Once Entered a Garden

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A one-to-one interactive installation by Bissane Al Sharif (Palestine/Syria), Chrystèle Khodr (Lebanon) and Wael Ali (Syria). The project questions the first sexual experiences and the discovery of intimate life during times of war and peace in the Middle East. The work is based on the stories and memories of adults who lived their teenage years in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

تجهيز فنّي لبيسان الشريف (فلسطين/سوريا) وكريستيل خضر (لبنان) ووائل علي (سوريا)، مبني على التفاعل الفردي مع الجمهور، يسائل التجارب الجنسية الأولى واكتشاف الحياة الحميمية خلال أوقات الحرب والسلم في منطقة الشرق الأوسط. يرتكز العمل على قصص وذكريات راشدين قد عاشوا مراهقتهم في كلّ من فلسطين ولبنان والعراق وسوريا.


Culture Resource

Founded in 2004, Culture Resource is a non-profit organization working in culture and arts in the Arab region. It aims to support artists, cultural actors and cultural institutions through grants, capacity building and networking. It also aims to promote creative works outside the commercial mainstream, regionally and internationally, and to strengthen the conditions that enables these productions by shaping policies and legislations, and publishing studies and reference manuals.


By means of its activities and services over the years, Culture Resource has been able to support the work of over than one thousand artists and cultural actors, and it is continuing to develop its programs to keep serving as a positive model of a credible and transparent independent organization.

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