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White Trail

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Sky Nine, Laklouk - Aaqoura , Lebanon


Sky Nine

Sky Nine Restaurant , Main Road
Laklouk - Aaqoura , Lebanon
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Due to unforseen weather conditions, this event has been cancelled.

Any purchased ticket will be refunded to attendees.

Climate change is real! Temperatures are breaking records around the world.

Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2000 years.

More greenhouse gases are in our atmosphere than any time in human history.

An average of 21.5 million people has been forcibly displaced since 2008 due to climate change-related weather hazards, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees.

It is about time to change climate change before it changes us!

LRI, Explores and “Akoura Youth and Sports Club’’ will join their forces for a white trail day in the mountains of Mount Lebanon.This day will focus on making the participants aware of the climate change. We will articulate and amplify climate change messages in order to promote action, offer solutions, and inspire real change.

On Sunday, February 25th, join us for a journey in the White Trail’s Second Edition to observe the most magical sites covered with a layer of white quilt up from a 2200 m peak above sea level. Above these White Mountains, anything can happen!

Walk up the White Trail along the Laklouk-Aaqoura Mountains and hills and witness magnificent ice ponds along the way. A naturally beautiful view is revealed to you in a peaceful and serene atmosphere while walking on the snow.

The hike is mainly 9.7km of moderate level. It takes an estimated time of 4 hours providing that there will be water and energy drinks stops on the way distributed over 4 checkpoints. The lunch spot will be at the end of the Trail in Sky Nine Laklouk where 4 meal options and a vast assortment of beverages will be provided to choose from along with several competitions and prizes prior and during the White Trail with music entertainment all afternoon.

Location: Laklouk-Aaqoura 2200m above sea level

Date: March 4, 2018

Things you Need: Wear waterproof clothing, a snowsuit is preferable to prevent your clothes from getting wet. Ski boots or waterproof boots will make your life easier. Don’t forget to keep extremely warm (get your woolen hats, gloves, extra socks…). You will be needing sunglasses and sunscreen to prevent sunburns. You can also bring some snacks along if you feel you might need it. Get your phones and professional cameras with you to document this amazing view and keep this memory forever!

Meeting Spots:

Jbeil Public Garden at 8:00 am Sharp

Hike Starts in Laklouk-Aaqoura at 10:00 am Sharp

Price: $33.5 per person including transportation from Jbeil to Laklouk-Aaqoura, guides, snowshoe rental, water, energy drinks, breakfast, and lunch. Tickets will be available in Sport Experts outlets: ABC Verdun, ABC Ashrafieh, Le Mall Dbayye, Jounieh and on

Upon purchasing your ticket, benefit from a 50% discount on Ski Apparel from Sports Experts!

Reservation: To reserve your bus seat from Jbeil to Laklouk-Aaqoura call 71 634604 within working hours or send a text message from your mobile with your name, surname.

N.B: Ecotourism rules must be abided by for your safety. Some changes may result in the program for reasons beyond our control. Buy your tickets Now, Places are limited!



Explorers is a team of nature adventurers that aim to promote ecotourism and raise environmental awareness through outdoor activities and events.

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