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L'Oud Whispers - Mohannad Nasser à l'Institut Français

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Venue16 Institut Français de Beyrouth, Beirut, Lebanon


Institut Français de Beyrouth

Institut Français de Beyrouth, Damascus Street
Beirut, Lebanon
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 A concert for Peace : L’Oud Whispers

By:  Mohannad Nasser

with special guests & Yalla! Choir

Friday 16th February 2018 - 8 pm 

Institut Français – Damas Street, Sodeco, Beirut

Price : 30$, Special Price for Students 20$

  • L’Oud Whispers is a fundraising concert benefitting the educative and artistic Center of Yalla!. It’s a musical attempt to translate these unending contradictions of war and peace, love and hate, loud and whisper and to make the sound of music louder than the sound of war. The concert is an echo to the mission pursued by Yalla! Pour les Enfants association to heal the exile’s wounds. L’Oud Whispers, composed by the Oud virtuoso Mohannad Nasser is supported by Ettijahat independent culture.
    L’Institut Français will also host some special guests from the band OUMI ensemble who will accompany Yalla Choir.

Partners: Institut Français, Yalla ! Pour les Enfants, Print&More, IHJOZ

All the funds will be donated to Yalla! Pour les Enfants association.

  • Yalla! Pour les Enfants is a French association founded in July 2013 in response to the humanitarian crisis provoked by the conflict in Syria. Through an educational center created in Aley, Mount Lebanon, Yalla! Pour les Enfants aims to bring 130 young Syrian children back to school whose education was disrupted because of their country's civil war. The association also contributes to preventing conflicts and building peace among different ethnic and religious communities in Lebanon.


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  • Yalla! is an independent, French association, apolitical, non-confessional and impartial, founded in July 2013 by French citizens dedicated to Human Rights and worried about the degradation of living conditions of Syrian children displaced by the conflict.
  • Yalla's primary goal is to bring back to school children thrown out of school because of a conflict. We contribute to preventing conflicts and building peace among different ethnic and religious communities, as well as between host and refugee communities.
  • Yalla's humanitarian project in Lebanon involved three components:

oThe creation of an informal school for Syrian children refugees in Aley: Yalla! Classes welcome each year about 130 children who would otherwise be out of school

oThe integration of these syrian children within the Lebanse education system: Yalla's educative methodology not only aims at reinforcing children's academic level but also at providing them with the interest in school and self-confidence that are necessary for them to pursue their education;

oThe organization of playful, psycho-social activities destined to both Syrian and Lebanese children: these shared moments contribute to children's development and intercommunity dialogue.

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