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Ithraa Gift Card

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Ithraa Coaching Center, Zalka, Lebanon


Ithraa Coaching Center

Samrani Tower Bloc B 5th floor, Samrani Street
Zalka, Lebanon
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Gift your loved ones a 3 hour training from Ithraa Coaching Center and let them choose one of the below:                                                                   

Keeping Relationships Healthy: Learn different ways to communicate love and affirmation in order to enrich your relationships and access the intimacy levels that your heart is longing for.

Taking Care of Yourself: Explore the most recent methods and strategies to deal with everyday stress. Check in with your mind and body, so that your overall physical and psychological health is well maintained.

Parenting (teens): Empowers you as a parent with highly effective relational techniques that develop your child's identity, based on solid concepts of self-worth and resilience.

Family Management: Help your family feel connected and secure by using the right management tools. Learn how to identify and set your family values to reach your desired goals.

Social Emotional Enrichment: Explore your child’s brain and learn about its development and functions. Accompany your growing child, constantly supporting him/her throughout the exciting yet challenging journey of life.


- this voucher should be redeemed with a Gift Card at Ithraa Coaching Center

- this voucher allows you to access one of the above trainings in 2018

- trainings will be given each month, dates will be announced in mid January 2018

- 30 gift cards available for $100 each instead of $150, the training's cost will revert to the original price once limit is reached

Additional Information: For more information about Ithraa Lebanon, please contact us at 70627851 or check the following link:


Ithraa Lebanon

Ithraa Lebanon is a training and coaching center focused on enriching relationships for families, institutions and companies in Lebanon.

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