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Entrepreneurship Journey From Idea to Launch organized by Lebanese Ministry of Youth & Sports

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Ministry of Youth & Sports , Beirut, Lebanon


Ministry of Youth & Sports

Directorate General of Youth and Sports Building, Sami Solh Street
Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut - Sami El Solh Street - Opposite the Palace of Justice - Behind the Public Security Building - Directorate General of Youth and Sports Building.
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Entrepreneurship Journey From Idea to Launch is a two days workshop organized by Lebanese Ministry of Youth & Sports

This Entrepreneurship workshop is designed to guide those who want to learn what entrepreneurship is really all about. Participants will interact with the trainer to know about the process of launching a business. So if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this workshop will offer you important information that will bring you a better chance of success.Learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Workshop dates are November 16 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm and November 17 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

What's in the workshop?

1.Learn what entrepreneurship is and who are typical entrepreneurs?

2. Understand how to identify business opportunities and ideas

3. Learn how to build a business model, how to test it, and how to adapt it to what the market really wants4. Understand what business plans are used for.

Who Should Attend?

People who think they would like to become an entrepreneur, but who would first like to learn more about what entrepreneurship is all about.

Course content:

Part I Entrepreneurship Mindset

1. Who is the typical entrepreneur?

2. The life cycle of a business

3. The entrepreneurial process - from idea to launch

4. Entrepreneurial Mindset - a different view of risk

Part II Opportunities

1. The entrepreneur's best friend

2. Idea exercise

3. Ask the 3 questions

4. Exercise: The 3 questions

Part III Business Model

1. What is a business model?

2. The business model canvas

3. Be ready to pivot.

4. Exercsie: Business Model Canvas

Part IV Business Plan

1. What is a business plan used for?

2. What goes into a good business plan?

Complimentary lunch to all participants will be served.

About the trainer: Andre Abi Awad

Founder of Entreprenergy, it started as a podcast interviewing successful Business Owners, then turned into a community of thousands of professionals supporting each other all year long, and gathering in a yearly summit to network and exchange opportunities.

Founder of Digital Smater, a customer acquisition company using the latest digital marketing strategies to attract the right leads to your business.

Co-Founder of CoPro Space, a co-working space to increase the productivity of solopreneurs and freelancers outside of the capital.

Since 2008, Andre has trained and spoke to thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals in 15 countries about Entrepreneurship from ideas, to lean methodologies, business models, scaling and growth strategies.


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