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The Ultimate Business Seminar

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Le Commodore Hotel - Hamra, Hamra, Lebanon


Le Commodore Hotel - Hamra

Le Commodore Hotel, Baalbeck Street
Hamra, Lebanon
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Most people want to advance their current business without losing money and effort. The Ultimate Business Seminar offers you proven strategies used in order to find an extra of 400 clients/month. If you want to achieve success with no boundaries then this seminar is for you. We promise you to leave the seminar with more than 50 potential clients in hand and start achieving the numbers you deserve from day 1.

The Seminar's Outline:

Business Development:

- The Essential Base

- 7 Rules To Create A Monopoly

- 5 Target Audiences

- Military Strategies In Business

- Successful Behaviors

- B2B Collaborations

- Creating A Second Business

- Hiring And Managing

Sales & Marketing:

- Digital Selling

- Finding 400 clients/month

- The Sales Process

- The Sales Cycle

- 30% Closing Through Cold Calling

- Mastering Objections

- The Science Of Closing Deals

- Advanced Lead Generation Techniques

- The Digital Marketing Package

- Branding

- The Science Of Generating Clicks

- Advanced Social Media Advertisements

- Word Of Mouth Marketing

Communication Skills:

- The Complete Body Language Package

- Leadership

- Tonality

- Business Communication

- The Psychology Of Your Client

Location: Le Commodore Hotel - Hamra

Date & Time:

Friday December 1, 2017: 6-10 pm

Saturday December 2, 2017: 6-10 pm

Sunday December 3, 2017: 2-7 pm

The workshop includes 1 coffee break on each day.


Fadlo Ailabouni Training & Co

Fadlo Ailabouni is a business consultant who increases your revenue through unique Sales and Marketing strategies. His extensive knowledge in different fields such as: body language and psychology gives him the ability to deliver exceptional training sessions and provide your business with outstanding results. While working with Fadlo, you will always be motivated in order to set new boundaries. Maximizing your profits and creating a monopoly for your business are the fundamentals of my services.Fadlo Ailabouni Training & Co works with businesses to increase their revenue through advanced training programs and solutions. We use Artificial Intelligence in our services to provide excellent quality to our clients.

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