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Workshop on Bioclimatic Architecture

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Order of Engineers & Architects - Tripoli, Tripoli, Lebanon


Order of Engineers & Architects - Tripoli

Conference Hall, Order of Engineers & Architects Tripoli
Tripoli, Lebanon
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This workshop focuses on architecture and urban design from passive and bioclimatic approaches.
Fundamental concepts important to natural ventilation and daylighting are introduced.
Using Building Performance Simulation tools is a major section in this workshop.
Participants will be trained to verify their design and the effectiveness of passive strategies with the help of these tools. Their use is aimed at supporting the designer's decision making by verifying the success of different passive design measures, using weather files for the local context. Tools & Programs include Climate Consultant Weather Tool, Google SketchUp, Construction Thermal Conductivity and Time Lag Calculator


Lebanon Green Building Council

LGBC aims to become a leading non-profit organization working to promote the sustainable building industry of an international level.
Our members strongly advocate sustainable buildings in the aim of designing a built environment that allows future generations to benefit from the natural resources that will be available to them.

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