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Master Mobile Photography (hands-on training)

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Berytech Digital Park, Beirut, Lebanon


Berytech Digital Park

Berytech Digital park, 1st floor, Bechara EL Khoury
Beirut, Lebanon


While driviing from Martyr's Square (seihit el shouhada) to Bshara El Khoury, you'll find a building with a big "Berytech" sign from top to bottom. To the other side of the Ministry of Finance building (meiliyyeh building) Google Maps:
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Whether your tool is a Smartphone or a more advanced DSLR camera, this workshop will give you a better grasp of your chosen tool and the skills to make successful images.We will focus on core photographic concepts as well as some more advanced techniques. The course will include hands-on demonstrations with the Smartphone as well as basic digital image editing techniques. We will discuss the theories of great photographers alongside your own photographs in order to better understand the fundamentals of composition to create compelling imagery.

Workshop Content

  • Basics of Digital Photography: safety, history, and basic camera operations
  • Learn procedures to make a good photograph
  • Learn to read technical material
  • Elements of Art in Composition: Understanding the creative process to enhance the ability to produce quality art
  • Lighting Techniques: Understanding and using lighting techniques to produce many different effects
  • Basic techniques: rule of thirds, freezing action, blurring out the background
  • Be a director to get a well composed shot

Expect to leave the workshop with a project you are proud of and a working knowledge of your Smartphone.

Date: Wednesday March 22, 2017

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

By: Photographer Rami Rahbani

Limited Seats: 40 Tickets

Venue: Berytech Digital Park, Bchara El Khoury.

Note: 2017 Registered JCI Members & Holders of JCI Beirut Full-Year Membership Card attend for free.

About the trainer:

Rami Rahbani (portfolio page: was born and educated in Byblos, Jbeil and undertook his photography apprenticeship at the Holy Spirit University (USEK) where he took his B.A. in Visual Arts-Photography in 2010. After his B.A. Rami continued his studies in cinematography: camera movement, cinema lighting, cinema techniques, filters, aspect ratio and framing to earn his certificate as professional Cinematographer in 2012. Meanwhile, Rami attended several workshops with international photographers and visual artists such as Carlos Freire, Miha Vipotnik, Ruedi Baur, Dome Karukoski, Michael V. Graffenried.His passion for photography started from his childhood with a small Russian SMENA film camera and this love kept growing with him until the start of his professional career in 2007 where photography became a lifestyle and profession. He worked as a freelancer in different styles of photography such as fashion, portrait, landscape, macro, and specially event photography (weddings, parties, ceremonies, etc..). Lecturer on Film Photography, Digital Photography, Image editing & control, black &white development and printing. Featured offerings:

  • Black & White Film Photography Seminar (Fine Arts students from Lebanese University, July 2010)
  • Medium Format Seminar (Graduate Students from Kafaat University Institute, June 2011)
  • Black & White Film Photography Seminar (Fine Arts Students from Lebanese University, July 2011)
  • Studio Lighting Design Seminar (Fine Arts Students from different Universities in Lebanon, April 2012)
  • Medium Format Seminar (Fine Arts Students from Kafaat University Institute, July 2012)
  • Introduction to Photography Seminar (2011 - 2016)


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