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"Free Connected Minds" Conference

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon


Phoenicia Hotel

Phoenicia , Eben Sina
Beirut, Lebanon
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“Free Connected Minds” (FCM) is a conference that aims at exploring a fresh set of ideas related but not limited to effective interactive debates on imperative concerns that impact collective thinking in addition to the development and advancement of the ever-important notion that is freedom of expression.

FCM’s concept is designed to accomplish the following goals:

1) To encourage development of critical thinking and interpretive skills;

2) To expose the audience to ideas, concerns, and achievements that have helped shape present global communication and explore areas where improvements can be made;

3) To promote awareness and intellectual curiosity;

4) To help enhance the rapidly growing interactive international discourse and actually produce results.


May Chidiac Foundation Verified32

On the fourth anniversary of the assassination attempt on Dr. May Chidiac, the May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) – a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to training, research, and education on issues of media, democracy, and social welfare – launched the May Chidiac Foundation-Media Institute (MCF-MI) a non-profit organization aiming at bridging the gap between academia and media industry, thus providing the professionals and the young generation with state-of-the-art, technical facilities, and training programs in order to improve their “market-readiness” and competitiveness.

The foundation’s contribution is articulated not only around the media institute, but also around applied actions such as launching the MCF-MI Media Awards, organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences related to best practices and freedom of the press.

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