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JUST SAY IT: an English conversation workshop

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا, Jdeideh, Lebanon


Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا

Maalouf Center, 2nd floor, Centrale Street
Jdeideh, Lebanon
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How do you learn English? BY SPEAKING IT.

Come practice your English with us while sipping coffee & enjoying some cookies.

No more countless books and endless grammar.

- "JUST SAY IT" is a New Concept of teaching English.
- It's carefully designed to give you the confidence and tools you need to become a fluent speaker.
- It is a series of 8 sessions full of fun & guided role plays, social interactions, demonstrations and real life topics.

Our topics include meeting people, traveling, making phone calls, dating, discussing politics, expressing opinions, applying for jobs, working in an office, family life, dining, health, etiquette & tips, complaints, fashion and more.

The sessions will take place each Monday and Tuesday from 6 pm till 9 pm (4 weeks).
Class capacity: 12 students (booking your seat is a must)
Price: 240 $

Participants of all levels in English are welcome to this workshop.

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Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا

We help you to own a home at half its price, stay away from charity & go for cooperation. Imagine saving 100 000$ over 30 years? What would you do with it?

Who we are

Co-opain is an NGO concerned with the housing crisis in Lebanon. Our main focus is to create a healthy and strong housing cooperative sector. Co-opain is supposed to be the major motivator, stimulator, educator and match maker that lead people into participating in Coops. Coops are pillars to create & sustain development.

What is a housing cooperative?

A housing cooperative is a "Non for profit" residential project. It is built by its own future residents, not by developers from the private sector. A housing coop is a moral person that benefits from multiple fiscal exemptions. The beneficiaries are not building the project for resale at profit as it is forbidden by the law. They are only building for the purpose of occupying the apartments themselves as a primary residence. They don't seek profit; they only aim to ameliorate their well-being in a decent way. Partnership does not make them entrepreneurs but holders of their own destiny.

Why coops needs CO-OPAIN?

Regular people are not experts regarding construction, finances, and the law. They don't know how to manage a construction project on their own. We do all the followings:

  • 1.Match making between beneficiaries
  • 2.Searching and finding good lands
  • 3.Feasibility study and permit file
  • 4.Explanation of the "Nizam" and housing coops law
  • 5.Help them get financial approvals
  • 6.Follow up for the entire project until finished
  • 7.Legal expertise (lawyer)
  • 8.Audit and cash flow monitoring (auditor)
  • 9.Hiring professional construction managers to handle the costing, drawings and execution of the project
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